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Important Note:

  • In an emergency (Medical/Fire/Police), call 911 -- do not call the station or our dispatch directly. If you need an ambulance to take you to a hospital, please also call 911. Do not call our station as this only delays the response.
  • If you need to speak to our administrative office, Chief of Department, or officers, please call our station at 603-654-2222.
  • If you see an emergency vehicle (whether an Ambulance, Police Car, Fire Truck, or personal vehicle with lights on), please PULL TO THE RIGHT, and stop.

The Town of Wilton Ambulance provides primary emergency (911) ambulance coverage for the Towns of Wilton, Lyndeborough, and Temple, NH with a combined population of 6,700 residents. We also provide backup emergency ambulance coverage for Milford Ambulance, Souhegan Valley Ambulance Service (for the town of Greenville), and other services as requested. We have evolved from being a non-profit 501c3 ambulance association that was an all-volunteer, EMT level ambulance service covering the towns of Wilton and Lyndeborough in 1974, to a Municipal Department with Paramedic coverage handling 500 calls in 2016, with one full time Chief/Paramedic, Per-Diem Paramedics, and Per Diem/On Call EMT/Advanced EMT’s.

Our primary ambulance (30A1) is generally staffed with one New Hampshire Licensed Paramedic, one EMT or Advanced EMT's, and a “non-medical” member. On Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.our station is staffed with at least one EMT or Advanced EMT and the Chief/Paramedic. On nights and weekends, providers are not required to stay at the station, unless they live more than 6 miles from the station. There are times that we have one member staying at the station, and the second provider is at home. These members at home may respond to the scene, or be picked up by the ambulance en route to a call. This keeps response times down, and gets an ambulance to your emergency quickly. Our secondary ambulance (30a2) is staffed by callback personnel that may be available.

Dispatch process

When someone calls 911, their call is sent to a call center in Concord or Laconia, NH. Once the 911 call taker gets the information they need, triage the call appropriately, and then categorize the call, they send the call to the appropriate dispatch center. The dispatch center then dispatches the appropriate resources (EMS, EMS/Police, EMS/Fire/Police). If the call is dispatched with a higher acuity, the ambulance and personnel respond with lights and sirens in their personal vehicle and ambulance. If the call is dispatched with a lower acuity, the ambulance and responding personnel may respond without lights.

Ambulance funding and billing

The Town of Wilton Ambulance bills for its service. Our rates are available by clicking on the link on the right. The money collected by billing offsets what the service needs for its operating budget from the towns. Presently we collect 41% of our revenues from billing and 59% from taxation from the three towns. We use a third party billing company (Comstar Ambulance Billing). They generally attempt to bill your insurance company prior to you receiving a bill. If you receive a call from our billing company, it is not a collection agency, but our billing company attempting to obtain insurance information. If you do not have insurance, our billing company will work with you for payment arrangements, and we also have a hardship process through the billing company.


We presently have:

• 8 Paramedics
• 5 Advanced EMTs
• 13 EMTs
• 12 Non Medical Members of which
4 completed EMT Class and testing for the license
2 presently in EMT Class
3 apprentices (under 18 years old)
1 out-of-state licensed EMT in process of obtaining EMT

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Steven Desrosiers Chief (603) 654-2222
Karen Artemik Assistant Chief (603) 654-2222
Robert Cole Captain (603) 654-2222

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Comstar Ambulance Billing

Rates - Ambulance Transport - 2016

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Hours of Operation

Office: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Available 24/7

(603) 654-2222 Office
(603) 673-1414 Dispatch (non-Emergency)

(603) 654-3307

Emergency Numbers

404 Forest Road
PO Box 584
Wilton, NH 03086
United States
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